About Us.

Connect your body with nature …

Moon Fairies & More

Was created to re-connect your body with nature. By Using ingredients that come from  plants, spices, and flowers  all chemical free properties, that can restore our body to its origin Feeling harmony, peace and well-being.
The soaps are organic, botanical made in small batches with a personal touch that leads to a more direct connection to reminds us of what has been lost …
The simple things of life like looking into the eyes, believing, trusting, loving, enjoying is what fills our life. When you try to demonstrate something more, and add value, you are thinking of “gifts with meaning”
With Glicerine, Vitamin E all soaps, are perfumed with free natural oils or organic essential oils. NO PRESERVATIVES ARE USED
Other ingredients are extra organic olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter.